Public Speaking

Public speaking is an area that is very important to me. This is because it allows me to express my views in a way that does not take my condition into account. Due to this I am comfortable when speaking publicly because people pay attention to what I have to say rather than my condition. Along with this I enjoy the responsibility that I have in relation to public speaking. I am acutely aware that I am in a position where I can speak up for others who cannot speak up for themselves and because of that I am delighted to be able to give them a voice on issues that matter.

Diversity and Inclusion at Travelport

I was invited to discuss the importance of enabling your curiosity in relation to disability with the employees of Travelport in order to raise further awareness about the topic of disability, diversity and inclusion.

At the Travelport offices in Dublin

Discussing PA Supports with Catherine Martin T.D.

I wrote a column as an update on my ongoing campaign to access adequate Personal Assistant Hours in the Irish Times. Open Here.

I spoke to Evelyn O’Rourke about my fight for Personal Assistant Hours as part of a report for Today with Claire Byrne on RTÉ Radio 1. Listen Here

I discussed the uphill battle that is accessing Personal Assistant (PA) Services in the Irish Times. Written By Patrick Freyne. Open Here

I collaborated with The National Youth Council of Ireland, Youth Work Ireland, The Department of Health and SpunOut on a survey and report detailing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Mental Health of young people. Open Here

I discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people in an article written for the Irish Times by Patrick Freyne. Open Here

Speaking Engagements

Youth Work Ireland – Positive Sexual Health Conference 2019 – The Mansion House
National Youth Council of Ireland – National Youth Work Showcase – The Mansion House
EU Youth Conference – Vienna, Austria 2018
Youth Work Ireland – Equality 2017 Conference promotional poster